REMINDER: MBT’s Annual Pledge Drive.

Through your participation and contributions, MBT can continue to bring Shin Buddhism, cultural programs and fellowship to our Sangha. Please read the Pledge Letter from our Board of Trustees.

2020 Pledge Letter

We Need Your Help

In order to sustain MBT’s services and programs it takes a financial contribution of $450 annually per individual ($900 for couples). We understand that not everyone can commit to this level of support and we encourage each member to contribute at the level that is right for you. And if you can afford levels above the guidelines, please consider doing so.

Things to know about paying your Pledge

  • Electronic Payments: If your bank supports the Zelle® payment system (most large banks do), MBT can now electronically accept direct payments from you. This is a secure method of direct money transfer and does not incur any fees. Or you can use your PayPal® account. See instructions below.
  • Budget your Pledge: If you want, you can pay your Pledge in partial payments. If you pay electronically (Zelle® or PayPal®) there are usually options to set up “recurring payments”* when you create the payment.

Make your 2020 Pledge

Via your bank with Zelle®

If your bank supports the Zelle® payment system, you can send money directly to MBT’s bank account by just using our donation email address:

  • Check with your bank for their directions from your online account.
  • When you set up a payment, you can choose to make partial “recurring” payments if you want to budget your Pledge.*
  • When you send the payment, remember to put MBT Pledge 2020 in the memo field.*
  • This is a secure bank-to-bank transfer and the best part is there are no fees charged!

With a credit card via PayPal®

Click the “Pledge w/PayPal” button and you’ll be transferred to PayPal® to complete the donation payment with a credit card.

  • PayPal® will automatically deduct 2.9% of the amount donated as a processing fee.
  • When you set up a payment, you can choose to make partial “recurring” payments if you want to budget your Pledge.*

By check

Make your check payable to Midwest Buddhist Temple and remember to:

  • Write MBT Pledge 2020 on the memo line or,
  • If you wish to donate without becoming a member write “Friend”.
  • Mail your check to:

Midwest Buddhist Temple
435 W. Menomonee St.
Chicago, IL 60614

* Notes for “Recurring” payments:

  • If you use “recurring” payments please let us know your total yearly Pledge in the memo/message field e.g. “MBT Pledge 2020: $(total pledge)“. 
  • Recurring payments are features provided by your bank or your PayPal® account. If you set up a “recurring” payment you are responsible for managing (changing or stopping) the recurring payment process.

Thank You

We appreciate your continued support! If you have any questions or would like more information about the pledge process, feel free to contact the MBT Office by email at or by calling 312.943.7801; or any of us.


Rev. Ron Miyamura

Resident Minister

Joy Zavala

Vice President, Board of Trustees

Kiku Taura

President, Board of Trustees

Rich Taura

Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Rick Morimoto

Pledge Chairman

Jason Matsumoto

Pledge Committee Member

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