Food Donation Program

While the temple provides the venue and the opportunity to listen to the Dharma and to study the Buddha’s teachings through Dharma services, seminars, workshops, special observances and special events, it also aims to provide assistance for the welfare of the community beyond the circle of the Sangha. As the central focus of the community, the temple and its ministers and members have a responsibility to society at large.

To that end, the temple supports a Food Donation program: The temple staff—led by Zen Shin Sangha Food Pantry Donations members—collects and delivers nonperishable food items to St. Cyprian’s Food Pantry every week.

If you would like to contribute, there is a wooden box in the Social Hall where you can bring items. Food that the pantry needs includes:

  • canned soups (with current expiration dates)
  • crackers
  • cookies
  • noodles and pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • cooking oil
  • coffee
  • tea
  • sugar
  • oatmeal
  • cereal

If you would like to donate, but don’t have time to shop, you can make cash donations and the temple will make a donation to the food pantry on your behalf with gift cards and cash to be used to purchase food.

The food pantry works through the Greater Chicagoland Food Depository. There is a great need for food and the need keeps growing. This is one way that the Midwest Buddhist Temple works to provide the living Dharma to the greater community.