Cooking-Class-Feb-2015On Jan. 10, Dan Peterson started the knife skills class with his six students cutting up potatoes, green peppers, carrots, leeks, onions, garlic and parsley—all to be added to a garden vegetable soup.

During the class, Dan showed how to hold a chef’s knife and gave us tips on how to cut the different types and shapes of the vegetables. We learned how to cut different ways (including julienne, different dices and chiffonade).

Then, we cut up cabbage and used that with some of the carrots for slaw.

And, while the soup was simmering, we cut up fruit—oranges, apples, mango and strawberries—in tiny squares for a delicious fruit salad.
Dan also showed us how to cut avocados, cilantro and jalapeno peppers to make guacamole with leftover onions.

The delectable vegetable soup was served along with the guacamole and tortilla chips, fruit salad and hamburgers—which Dan made with his secret recipe. (The special Dan Burger recipe is generally not divulged but was shared with this small group).

Dan’s cooking expertise, along with his knowledge of knife skills, was apparent, and everyone enjoyed learning from him and devouring the delicious results.