WEHOPE DharmathonOn the evenings of April 15 and 16 2015, the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) Center for Buddhist Education sponsored a “Dharmathon”. The Dharmathon was the culmination of a historic gathering of Shin Buddhist ministers from around the world participating in an outreach program entitled West and East Hongwanji Overseas Propagation Exchange (WEHOPE).

Each evening 9 ministers delivered individual Dharma messages in a marathon session. Thanks to a grant from the Reverend Gyodo Kono Fund these talks were broadcast live on YouTube and now the recorded sessions are available for viewing.

If you would like to view these historic sessions click on either of the two links below. You can also visit our Dharma Talks page to find these videos or listen to any of our Dharma Talks.

Dharmathon Day 1

Dharmathon Day 2