EBL Conference Highlights


MBT’s EBL Conference Committee is grateful for your enthusiastic participation. To keep the spirit of this conference going we have created this page that contains a video summary of the entire conference. Also, on this page you will find audio recordings of the services and inspirational talks. Please enjoy these conference “highlights”.


We hope you enjoy this multi-media summary of the 2017 EBL Conference. To watch the slideshow press the play arrow on the bottom of the picture – you can use the video controls to display the video in fullscreen mode. Many thanks to Jason Matsumoto for creating this slideshow as well as shooting many of the photos (watch the video to the end to see other contributors and music credits). Enjoy!


Cheryl Ikemiya

OPENING SERVICE: Minister’s Assistant Cheryl Ikemiya of the New York Buddhist Church.

Rev. Kurt Rye

UNDERSTANDING BUDDHISM IN TODAY’S WORLD: Rev. Kurt Rye of Placer Buddhist Church (with introduction by Rev. Ron Miyamura).


Todd Tsuchiya

SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE: Minister’s Assistant Todd Tsuchiya of the Twin Cities Buddhist Association.

Rev. Kurt Rye

NORTH AMERICAN BUDDHISM: A PATH FORWARD: Rev. Kurt Rye of Placer Buddhist Church (with introduction by Rev. Ron Miyamura). 

In this seminar Rev. Rye introduces “mission statements for Sanghas” – ideas and principles that can guide Sanghas as they grow and evolve. Rev. Rye shared two examples and as a exercise he had the participants break in to small groups to develop their own mission statements.

Placer Buddhist Church Mission Statement:

The Placer Buddhist Church strives to nurture compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, peace, tolerance, inclusiveness, and spiritual exploration by providing a place where everyone is welcome. Our mission is to continuously learn and live the Buddhist Teachings to reduce suffering and support our lives and the lives around us. We offer an open door to sharing these teachings, as well as friendship and community.

Tacoma Dharma School Mission Statement:

To offer those in the Pacific Northwest and enduring community that values inclusiveness and acceptance in seeking enlightenment through Japanese Shin Buddhist teachings.

 Rev. Ron Miyamura

CLOSING SERVICE & REMARKS: Rev. Ron Miyamura of The Midwest Buddhist Temple conducts the EBL Closing Service and closing remarks.

Closing Remarks by:

  • Rev. Ron Miyamura  – Midwest Buddhist Temple
  • Ken Tanimoto – President, Buddhist Churches of America
  • Rick Stambul – President-Elect, Buddhist Churches of America
  • Rev. Kurt Rye – Placer Buddhist Church
  • Larry Wakisaka – President, Toronto Buddhist Church


Photo by Alvin Hayashi


The Conference Committee wishes to thank all the EBL participants. All of the thoughtful discussion, the sharing of ideas, and the fellowship resulted in a truly special event. And we’d also like to thank all of the local volunteers who worked before, during and after the conference to make sure everything operated smoothly. THANK YOU!

Chairperson: Jim Chikaraishi
Temple President: Kiku Taura
Resident Minister: Rev. Ron Miyamura
Committee Members:
Sandra Adams
Steve Arima
Carol Baba
Terry Cichocki
Ben Chikaraishi
Yvonne Harada
Carl Ichikawa
Dana Johnson
Melissa Maslanka
Jason Matsumoto
Jerry Matsumoto
Jan Mita
Elaine Miyamura
Andy Park
Kristin Park
Dan Peterson
Greg Rivera
Nancy Rivera
Nicole Sumida
Rich Taura
Jeanne Toguri
Ryan Toguri
Joy Zavala

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