“Engaged Buddhism” series of discussions

What is “Engaged Buddhism”

Shin Buddhists are, by nature, “engaged” in our society – we are not living apart from the world by being in a monastery. So the question is how we the Sangha (members) should be involved in our physical world. We should follow the Buddha-Dharma (the Teaching), we should live in harmony with each other, and we should protect our environment. This means to live peacefully, to “play nice in the same sandbox” and leave the world a better place for the future. In early February MBT hosted a “What’s Next?” open discussion focusing on what we as Buddhists can do to become more aware and even impact prevailing social and political conditions.


Next Steps

Following the “What’s Next?” discussion MBT will launch a series of presentations and discussions around the theme of “Engaged Buddhism.” The one-hour program series will be hosted by Rev. Ron Miyamura and held in the MBT hondo (chapel).

The first Engaged Buddhism session will be held Sunday, March 26, and then monthly thereafter. The first session will feature Rev. Ron’s presentation of MBT’s history and the Japanese-American experience. Topics for subsequent sessions will be announced, all are invited to join.

Engaged Buddhism Discussion Series

When: on scheduled Sundays at 11:30 am just after Family Service

Where: Midwest Buddhist Temple Hondo (chapel)

No reservations are required

Current Schedule

March 26 / History of MBT & the Japanese-American Experience
April 23 / Film: “Saving Mes Aynak”
May 28 / To be determined
June 25 / To be determined
July 23 / Discussion with Sonam, Tibetan Monk
August / Break
Sept. 24 / Discussion with Rev Ogui
Oct. 29 / To be determined
Nov. 26 / To be determined


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