Our annual Mochitsuki will be held on December 12 starting at 8:30 am and ending around 1:00 pm. During Mochitsuki our temple’s social hall transforms in to a noisy and joyful gathering centered around the tradition of pounding rice and making small cakes filled with sweetened azuki beans. The Japanese tradition of Mochitsuki was started many generations ago as a post-harvest celebration and it continues today as a social event that connects us to our past.

To make mochi,  teams of hearty volunteers take turns pounding rice with wooden mallets in an ever accelerating pace until the rice becomes smooth. Other volunteers form the finished mochi into small disks that are either left plain or filled with sweetened azuki beans. Either way, fresh mochi is a delicious treat. To learn more about this tradition visit our Mochitsuki page.

Everyone is welcome to join in this tradition and don’t worry, many volunteers will be available to show you how to make mochi. We hope to see you on December 12th!

Where: MBT Social Hall
When: December 12, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Register: There is no cost (unless you wish to purchase some mochi to take home) and no registration. If you have questions contact the temple office at office@mbtchicago.org or call 312.943.7801.


Below are a few pictures from last year’s event. (Click any photo to view the entire album as a slideshow.)

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