Japanese-Cinema-Icon-2Saturday Afternoon at the Japanese Cinema is a monthly event showcasing Japanese movies. The movie and snacks are free courtesy of the MBT Sangha (temple members). Movies are shown each month except when the temple’s Social Hall is scheduled for other activity – so please check our website or call the temple to confirm the date – 312.943.7801.

The featured movie this month is: RAMEN ZAMURAI with English subtitles

Where: MBT Social Hall
When: June 22, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Suggested Donation: The movie and snacks are free!
Register: Please RSVP so we’ll know how many chairs to set up (email: office@mbtchicago.org or phone: 312.943.7801)


The movie switches between past and present, as Hikari (played by Dai Watanabe) traces his memories to recreate his father’s recipe – which was the best Ramen in Kurume in the good old days. His mother joins him in his journey and together they both relive the days Bullet Ramen – his father’s yatai – was made and unmade.

Yatai was the reason why Kurume was famous and the good food pulled tourists to Kurume. It was one of the major sources of income. The days of yatai fade away when the government rebuilds the city, making the roads wider and the buildings taller. You see, yatai isn’t quite urban, so there’s no place for yatais in a developed city. Hikari’s father puts up a fight and decides to live for his yatai and die with it. However, Hikari’s mother makes him realize that they can continue making ramen in a different place – perhaps a ramen bar if not yatai – and the customers will find them to eat the best ramen in Kurume.

In the meanwhile, Hikari realises why he wants to restart his father’s business leaving a job he had worked so hard for. He had become a designer like he had always wanted – making ads and designs. He simply doesn’t restart his father’s business but goes ahead to create his signature recipe… a unique taste that not only tastes as good as his father’s but also makes his customers happy…him happy.

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