Let’s Show Off “Our Town” for the EBL

MBT welcomes EBL delegates to Chicago

So you already know that MBT is hosting this year’s EBL Conference on September 1-3. That means we’ll be hosting out-of-town guests to our temple and we are excited to show off our great city!


How can you get involved?

Here’s how you can help: We want to pull together some information that our guests could use to “strike out on their own” during free times. Think of all the things you like to do when you have out-of-town guests – hidden treasures of the city that only the “locals” know about – the things about Our Town that make you proud.

Here’s some thought starters: where do you go for the best: Hot Dogs, breakfast, Ramen, pizza, or even fine dining? Or what is the most interesting museum you visited recently or where’s the best place to relax and listen to music?

Use the form below to send us your recommendations – and send us as many as you like. We’ll consolidate these suggestions on the EBL Conference website.  We look forward to hearing from you!

My favorite things to do in Chicago

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Tell us the 'what', 'why' and 'where' of your recommendation - the things you like to do with out-of-town visitors (give us the website if you have it)

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June 18th, 2017|