MBT Recognizes Sangha member

MBT President Kiku Taura (left) and Jeanne Toguri

MBT recognized Jeanne Toguri at the Annual General Meeting for her many years of outstanding service to the Temple.

As President of the MBT Women’s Association, Jeanne deploys the many volunteers who prepare the ‘Otoki’ lunches that are served after special services and organizes the toban groups that assist at funeral services. During our annual Ginza Holiday Festival, she coordinates the production of all the food items, leading by example with her constant presence in the kitchen.

Jeanne helped make the ‘New Life for Old Bags’ initiative a regular event, with internal and external volunteers gathering monthly to weave plastic bags into sturdy sleeping mats for the homeless.

Thanks to Jeanne’s leadership, the temple kitchen is kept organized and well stocked throughout the year, and her welcoming personality draws so many to help at our temple.

February 12th, 2017|