2019 Board of Trustees Installation Ceremony

Carl Ichikawa, Marcus Moore, Steve Arima, Rich Taura, Joanne Tohei, Rick Morimoto, Alexander Yu, Roger Suekama, Joy Zavala, Albert Sora, Kiku Taura, Rev. Ron Miyamura (above)

Rev. Ron Miyamura (above), Greg Rivera, Elaine Miyamura, Jim Chikaraishi, Cynthia Mee, Nancy Rivera, Nick Macri, Emily Harada, Terry Cichocki, Andrew Park, Tom Yamaguchi (not pictured: Jason Matsumoto)

Meet our newest Board members

Emily Harada

Nick Macri

Greg Rivera

Nancy Rivera

MBT welcomes new Board of Trustee members: Emily Harada, Nick Macri, Greg Rivera and Nancy Rivera. We look forward to their leadership throughout the year.

For more information about our Board please visit our Board of Trustees page.

Many thanks to departing Board members

Lisa Doi

Dan Peterson

MBT also thanks departing Board members: Lisa Doi and Dan Peterson for their dedicated service on the Board of Trustees. Thank you!

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