The Midwest Buddhist Temple is thrilled to have Eien Hunter-Ishikawa conduct two Japanese cultural workshops: Japanese Knife Sharpening skills and a demonstration of Natto (fermented soy – considered a “superfood” in Japan). Eien is an accomplished musician, composer, educator, blogger and an expert in the realm of Japanese fermented foods. Visit Eien’s webpage, Natto Time, to learn more about his Natto workshop and his many other interests.

The workshops will take place on December 1 for Japanese Knife Sharpening and December 2 for the Natto Demonstration. See below for times and tickets.

Japanese Knife-Sharpening Workshop Saturday
December 1st – 2 classes
10am (this class is full) or 1pm (this class is open)
Cost: $45 per person (includes water stone)

Tickets available in Office
(e) (p) 312 943 7801

In this workshop, Eien will teach the basics of Japanese knife sharpening on water stones. Japanese knife culture is distinct in several ways – the blade is sharper and thinner, sharpening is done on stones, and all chefs sharpen their own knives to complement their individual cutting style. With this introduction of a few techniques, everyone will be able to sharpen their own knives and feel the joy of cooking with a sharp blade.

NATTO Demonstration
Sunday, Dec. 2nd, 12:00 p.m.—1:00 p.m.
Cost: $5 Members / $10 Non-Members

Tickets available in Office
(e) (p) 312 943 7801

Eien will talk about natto, the fascinating, delicious, and nutritious fermented soybeans from Japan. The demo will include samples of fresh natto and offer ideas for traditional and non-traditional preparations. In Japan, natto is highly regarded as a ‘superfood’ with many health benefits including cardiovascular health, brain function, bone and teeth strength, and improved diges-tive system. Because all natto imported into the United States is frozen, this is a very rare opportunity to taste fresh, organic natto, whether you consider yourself a fan or not yet.

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