Midwest Buddhist Temple will host the 2019 Spring Mind/Body Seminar on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Registration will begin at 9:00 am and the program will finish by 1:00 pm. There will be two workshops during this seminar.

Meditative Movement & Exercise based on Aikido – led by Eli Brown

In this hour-long workshop, we will explore the basic principles of Aikido through different exercises. Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art and has evolved with deep ties and influences from Buddhism and meditation practices. We will participate in a meditative stretch, basic solo and partner movement drills, and exercises that will help us enhance our ability to “keep one point”, or have a stable, connected body that moves from the center. This will be a low-to-no impact workshop, focusing on awareness rather than self-defense, so all ages and abilities are welcome to join us! Eli hopes to share what has been passed down to him through his instructors: simple movements with the potential for profound connection, empowerment, and stillness.

Gentle Yoga – led by Susan Gilkey 

This workshop is intended to be an introduction to yoga, meditation and other related practices, which help us to develop tranquility in body and mind. We can learn to create in the self an environment of calmness, peacefulness, warmth, and openness. These states are the source of being freed from the stress of daily work and show us a way to enlighten our spiritual life.

Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served during two breaks scheduled in the program.

Seminar Information

When: March 30, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Midwest Buddhist Temple
Seminar Fee: Temple Member $10, general public $15, students $10
Registration: The registration form and fee must be received by the office by March 27. To print the registration form click here.
  • The maximum number of participants is 45 (register soon!)
  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes such as a jogging suit
  • Bring a yoga mat (we can provide a mat if needed)
  • Please refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, or non-prescription drugs during the seminar
  • Refreshments will be served during two breaks in the schedule
Information: Contact the MBT office for more information: email office@mbtchicago.org or call 312 943 7801 (office hours are M-F 9am-3pm)

Seminar Schedule

9:00 am Registration and Morning refreshments
9:30 am Welcome and Gentle Yoga led by Susan Gilkey
10:30 am Break and refreshments
10:45 am Meditative Movement & Exercises based on Aikido led by Eli Brown
11:45 am Break and refreshments
Noon Zen Shin Meditation led by Susan Gilkey
1:00 pm Close

About session leaders:

Eli Brown
Eli Brown is a second-year graduate student at DePaul University, in the Masters of Writing and Publishing program, originally from Santa Ana, CA. In addition to his studies, he teaches and coordinates a preschool phonics program and is a research assistant for the literary magazine Slag Glass City (through DePaul). He has been a member of MBT since August of 2017, and you may recognize him from Zenshin meditation or Dharma School on Sundays. He received his Shodan, or first-degree black belt, in Aikido and began instructing in 2013 at Orange County Aikido Aikikai and has trained there for 13 years.

Eli is passionate about all forms of self-discipline and discovery and has found light and compassion through the study of movement, connectivity and stability that the principles of Aikido and meditation may afford.

Dr. Susan Gilkey – Gentle Yoga & Zen Shin Meditations
Susan Gilkey is a retired physician. During her career she worked as a diagnostic radiologist at Cook County Hospital. She has been practicing yoga for 43 years and teaching for 16 years. Yoga is an ancient Indian system of health using movement, breathing, meditation and philosophy). Susan is also a Minister’s Assistant at Midwest Buddhist Temple. Susan teaches yoga in various community locations including Evanston and Cook County Jail. Susan facilitates Zen Shin Meditation sessions at Midwest Buddhist Temple at 8:30am Sunday and 6pm Wednesday. She has coordinated the Mind Body Seminars since Rev. Ogui’s departure in 2004.

About Aikido:

Aikido (合気道) can be translated as the way (do 道) of spirit (ki気) and harmony (ai合). The four basic principles of Aikido are often described as follows in the Aikikai tradition: 1) Keep One Point 2) Relax Completely 3) Extend Ki 4) Weight Underside. In our workshop Eli will explain how these principles relate to each exercise, drill or stretch, and will provide handouts to take home for those who wish to continue exploring them.

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