Golden Agers

Golden Agers. Game DayThe Golden Agers is a social organization primarily for retirees but is open to all members of Midwest Buddhist Temple who are at least 55 years old. The group has been planning a variety of activities and trips since 1987.

The planners felt that such a group was necessary as temple members were retiring in great numbers and needed some activities to avoid boredom in their lives. In its first year, under its first president, Kai Oshita, the group went strawberry- and apple-picking. The next year saw them traveling together to Las Vegas and a few trips closer to home.

Over the coming years, the Golden Agers have ventured as a group to Disney World in Orlando, Fla., the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and Washington, DC. They’ve also taken gaming trips to Atlantic City/Philadelphia, Las Vegas and many Midwest casinos in Iowa and Wisconsin. These Midwest casino bus trips continue to this day.

In addition to the casino bus trips, the Golden Agers volunteer their time generously for the welfare of the temple and co-sponsor the temple’s New Life for Old Bags gatherings, where sleeping mats for the homeless are made out of old plastic bags. They also sponsor the annual Bonenkai—a year-end party where everyone is invited to play bingo and have a bento box lunch—as well as monthly game days.

If you would like to become a member of MBT’s Golden Agers, please contact us at or call 312.943.7801. Annual dues are $7.