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Welcome to the Midwest Buddhist Temple

Everyone is welcome at the Midwest Buddhist Temple, located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. We have Sunday morning family services with children’s classes, plus meditation services on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

While the temple was founded in 1944 by Japanese-Americans who relocated to Chicago after being released from internment camps during World War II, our Sangha (membership) is happily growing and evolving into a diverse congregation as more people outside Chicago’s Japanese-American community discover the Midwest Buddhist Temple and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.

This is a wonderful thing. Hopefully, if you have never visited MBT before and you are interested in learning more about Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, you will come join us too. In addition to myself, there will be a temple full of people eager to welcome you and answer any questions you have.”

—Rev. Ron Miyamura, Midwest Buddhist Temple resident minister


Welcome to the Midwest Buddhist Temple website

Our goal is to provide those seeking information about Buddhism with a resource to both learn about Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and to participate in our temple’s many offerings.

This section is dedicated to our temple. Here one can find a history of our temple and membership, facts about our temple building and grounds, information about our leadership and samples of the temple’s community outreach programs.