Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, a volunteer organization elected by Pledge members of the Sangha (the congregation), supports the minister in managing the business of the temple.

Each of the board’s members serves a two-year term (one-year for appointees) with fiscal responsibility, works on committees that plan and coordinate events, and makes decisions on religious matters. While the board meets monthly as a group on the second Sunday before general service, members of the board are in constant communication with each other and members of the Sangha.

The board works on behalf of the entire Sangha but depends upon your ideas, support and willingness to volunteer to realize these ideas. Each year, all Pledge members are welcome to run for a seat on the board.


2020 Board of Trustees – Officers

Kiku Taura
Joy Zavala
Vice President & Corresponding Secretary
Rich Taura
Joanne Tohei
Recording Secretary
Terry Cichocki
Alexander Yu
Roger Suekama
Religious Affairs

2020 Board of Trustees

Steve Arima
Erin Chikaraishi
Jim Chikaraishi
Emily Harada
Carl Ichikawa
Nick Macri
Jason Matsumoto
Cynthia Mee
Elaine Miyamura
Marcus Moore
Rick Morimoto
Greg Rivera
Nancy Rivera
Albert Sora
Tom Yamaguchi


Board of Trustees – Standing Committees

  • Religious Affairs – chair: Roger Suekama
  • Ministerial Affairs – chair: Kiku Taura
  • Revenue – chair: Rick Morimoto
  • Events Planning – chair: Joy Zavala

Advisors and Affiliated Roles

  • Advisor to the Board: Rev. Ron Miyamura
  • Assistant Treasurer: Jac Cerney
  • Office Manager: Jesse Zavala