Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely. We have a group, Zen Shin Meditation, that meets on Sunday mornings before Family Service and Wednesday evenings. Sitting and walking meditation styles are practiced and there is typically a brief talk about Buddhism. All are welcome to attend. Check the schedule on the home page.

Zen Shin is a unique practice of Meditation combining Shin Buddhism’s awareness of oneness with the discipline of Zen practices. One of our past ministers started the practice of Zen Shin Meditation as a response to many inquiries about meditation sessions at the temple. Please visit our Zen Shin Meditation page for more information.

All are welcome to participate in Zen Shin Meditation so you can just show up to any session which are held on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings at the temple. We recommend that you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing as the session may involve both sitting and walking styles of meditation. Check the schedule on the home page or call the temple office if you have any other questions.

No, there is no fee to participate in Zen Shin Meditation however there is a “donation” box at the entrance to the hondo (temple hall) where a small donation can be left if one is inclined to do so.


The 10:30 a.m. Family Service is one hour long every Sunday.

Ginza Holiday Festival is our annual celebration of Japanese culture, food and entertainment. Usually the second week of every August, Ginza has been going strong for over 60 years! For the most current information please visit our special website.

Of course, all are welcome to attend our Family Service. Please click the link to Family Service to find out more information and remember to check the schedule on the home page.

Although we prefer “temple”, both terms can be used interchangeably in reference to MBT and in fact we were founded as the Midwest Buddhist Church. Some years ago we changed to Midwest Buddhist Temple primarily because the term “temple” applies to a broader set of religious institutions.