The Rev. Gyodo Kono Fund

The Rev. Gyodo Kono Fund was established in 1976 to perpetuate the goal of MBT’s founding minister to promote the Buddha Dharma in the United States.

The fund grants financial assistance to applicants who are studying to become ministers in the Buddhist Churches of America. The fund also supports ordained Jodo Shinshu ministers who are seeking additional education. More recently, the fund has also provided grants to lay people who are seeking to expand their Buddhist education.

Recently the Kono Fund was able to assist the following important programs:

  • A student studying in Japan to become a BCA minister
  • Lay members enrolled in the Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course
  • Participants in the Minister’s Assistant Program seminar held in New York
  • Publication of an upcoming book authored by a Buddhist scholar
  • Technology to enable web-broadcasting of Dharma Talks and lectures by the Center for Buddhist Education

The fund is administered by a separate board, with Rev. Ron Miyamura as adviser. Additional information is available by contacting us at or by calling 312.943.7801.

If you wish to make a donation to the Rev. Gyodo Kono Fund, please visit our donation page.