Q-60pxIn many areas of my life, I am the one people seem to feel comfortable confiding in or coming to for guidance; it seems I just have one of those faces. But at the end of the day, I can only be an expert on my own experience (and even then, who knows truly how self-aware I am).

How can one uplift others while maintaining balance within themselves? I imagine this might be a much smaller version of something a reverend might experience.

A-60pxYou are fortunate if people come to you for advice or guidance …and you are correct, we are all limited by our own experiences and judgment as I am sure you have already discovered.

People want someone to listen to them and your most important job is to really listen. The advice and guidance will come from within that person. The advice or guidance you offer can be vague. That is enough, if you have listened.

Gassho (with palms together),
Rev. Ron