Q-60pxWhat is the purpose that Buddhism is meant to fulfill? I’ve learned about escaping samsara and becoming enlightened but is there another purpose or reason?

A-60pxBuddhism has a broad spectrum of understanding. The “purpose of Buddhism” is to fulfill our full potential and awaken our Buddha-Nature (the potential to become a Buddha).

But, the “purpose of Buddhism” is also to discover Enlightenment and achieve Nirvana. But Nirvana is described as “to extinguish” all desires and selfishness.

And this is to escape Samsara, the 6 Realms of Existence, which are used to describe this world of human limitations. There are so many other ways of explaining Buddhism—maybe, our actions.

Thus, our course of action, when “being tempted,” is to take responsibility for our actions.

Gassho (with palms together), Rev. Ron