Q-60pxI discovered Buddhism on a project I had to do back in school on world religions. I picked Buddhism and spiritualism. However ever since researching Buddhism, I’ve been wanting to become a Buddhist. Is it possible to join Buddhism after being baptized Christian? Can I become a Buddhist or is there proper steps to take?


A-60pxDepending on which school of Buddhism you choose to follow, there are different ways to get started… as for the Midwest Buddhist Temple and Shin Buddhism (our school of Pure Land Buddhism of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji), we have no requirements….we ask that you “come as you are….and stay awhile.”

Things from your past (such as being baptized) do not matter to us, and we know that each of us brings things from the past. But it is of no concern going forward.

I hope you can attend our services and participate in our activities.

Come as you are,

Gassho (with palms together), Rev. Ron