Q-60pxHow does the Midwest Buddhist Temple show loving kindness to others?


A-60pxI hope that MBT is a beacon of Wisdom and Compassion. We can teach the community by example what cooperation and kindness can do.

Perhaps, we share why the Legacy Garden has a water feature (ask a docent of the garden for the answer), or perhaps it is the Dharma School children parading around the hondo to show us their Halloween costumes.

Loving Kindness is performed at an individual level. Organizations and institutions really cannot express loving kindness. It’s on a person-to-person level that we share loving kindness.

But individuals from MBT (if not the organization/institution) show loving kindness as members of the temple regularly. You can see it in the monthly sandwich-making to feed the homeless and other work done with Sarah’s Circle; the New Life for Old Bags mat-making for the homeless that brings temple members together with other volunteers from the Chicago area once a month; and the blanket/towel collection by the Dharma School for local animal shelters.