Q-60pxWhy should Buddhists come to temple? Is it important to reaching Enlightenment?


A-60pxBuddhists should try to come to the temple because part of the Three Treasures is the Sangha (the group of “fellow travelers”) who support the Buddha and the Dharma. In a more practical way, being part of the Sangha is for mutual support.

It is important to be among fellow Buddhists so that we can encourage each other toward Enlightenment, and we can help each other from going to extremes (to stay on the Middle Path). Although it is certainly possible to find Enlightenment without coming to the Temple, it is all too easy to become egotistical and find ourselves wandering away from the Dharma.The Sangha helps us stay balanced.

In a practical way, for living around Chicago in the year 2015, we need the Temple as a gathering place to hear the Dharma (Listen) and to participate in Buddhist activities (Live the Dharma). For example, it is nice to chant the Sutras alone, but there is a dynamic sense when many are chanting together.