Minister’s Assistants

Minister’s Assistants are Sangha members who assist the resident minister in many duties involving the hondo (temple hall) and the naijin (altar area). To become a Minister’s Assistant, individuals successfully complete a training period supervised by the Resident Minister. In addition to duties involving the hondo and naijin, they assist during services, perform Buddhist readings and conduct Sunday Family Services when the resident minister is away from the temple.

Sandra-Adams-140x169-f1Sandra Adams
Terry-Cichocki-140x169-f1Theresa Cichocki
Dave-Duerkop-140x169-fDave Duerkop
Susan-Gilkey-140x169-fSusan Gilkey
Ray-Kayano-140x169-fRay Shigeru Kayano *
Melissa-Maslanka-140x169-f1Melissa Maslanka
Cynthia-Mee-140x169-f1Cynthia Mee
Dan-Peterson-140x169-f1Dan Peterson
Kay-Schroeter-140x169-fKay Schroeter
Roger-Suekama-140X169-fRoger Suekama
Jesse-Zavala-140x169-fJesse Zavala
Joy-Zavala-140x169-f1Joy Zavala


* Ray Shigeru Kayano, MBT’s longest serving Minister’s Assistant, passed away in 2015.