Q-60pxI was raised Catholic and grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Although I do believe in Jesus Christ and the Creator, I feel that’s where my common beliefs end when it comes to the Catholic faith. I feel my beliefs are more in line with the Buddhist faith than any other religion.

I don’t know if someone like myself would be welcome in your temple but I would be interested in checking it out if an invitation were extended.


A-60pxYou are always welcome. While you may have seen our website, which has a lot of information, you also need to experience Buddhism.

We are an American Buddhist temple with roots in Japanese Shin Buddhism. We are a group of ordinary people (not monks and nuns). Our services are on Sunday mornings (an American adaptation) at 10:30 am and are open to everyone. In particular, we have no dogma and we have no requirements—come as you are. That is to say, you do not have to renounce your prior beliefs in order to attend our services and activities. Actually, the beliefs are subtle and personal.

In short, you don’t need an invitation. You are always welcome.