Q-60pxI know we strive to reach Enlightenment, but I’m not really sure what Enlightenment means? Is it seeking truth? And, if so, what is “truth” in terms of life?


A-60pxEnlightenment is really to discover Wisdom and Compassion. It is important to know that one discovers (finding what is already there) Enlightenment by understanding the universe. Wisdom is not intellect, but to understand things as they really are. Compassion is to accept the world equally, without discrimination.

There are many ways to understand Enlightenment: to accept change and interdependence, to go beyond human limitations and human ego (our selfish image of myself), to find “Truth.”

Finding Truth is equally vague because we do not know what Truth really is. And the more we try to define it, the more elusive it becomes. Truth in the Buddhist sense is to understand things as they really are.

Truth in terms of life is to drop our human baggage and to find the spiritual meaning that is beyond logic and beyond our physical world. It is to understand the whole universe and to accept our small part of the whole without human limitations and ego.